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About Jaipur

The ‘Pink City’ as Jaipur is popularly known as is the capital of Rajasthan. Surrounded by hills, palaces, forts, and gardens, Jaipur is also the commercial and business hub. One of the most planned cities in India, the grid layout and the exquisite designed houses are an important feature of the real estate market in Jaipur. Jaipur is now growing in many fields like that of it sector, education and a good amount of rise in residential sectors. By the different investors all over the globe Jaipur is given a name of golden city Jaipur is the only city which has been planned and designed in a systematic way. It is commonly known as the pink city. Because of this all achievements there is a remarkable growth seen in the business of real estate in Jaipur. It is said that Jaipur is acting as a substitute to Gurgaon and investors are showing interest in the property in Jaipur. Just because of the growth in real estate business of Jaipur the investors find Jaipur as the potential source for investments.

All the credit actually goes to naturally the property in Jaipur, because it is so affordable if it is compared with the property of some other city. In Jaipur many big projects both in the fields of commercial sectors as well as the residential sectors are coming up. Therefore a lot of demand of property in Jaipur is coming up. Jaipur is also turning up into a metropolitan city, and is converting itself into mall culture. Plus in the present scenario there is a new project of metro also going on in Jaipur, which is again attracting a lot of customers. There are many NRI’S who prefer to buy property in Jaipur, as they know that here the investment will be more than profitable to them. Generally the rate of the property keeps on varying according to the area like the airport area and the area where new IT projects are coming up, that side the cost of the property.

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